Metro model management Philadelphia scam Submitted and was contacted by Nicole. Told that the portfolio I already have would not do and I would need to pay for one created by her photographers (I believe she said she does the shooting).

The cost would be upwards of $600-$2000! When I questioned her (why not a recommended list of several photographers?), she said this was the way the "big" agencies do it (kept throwing FORD and Elite out there). Highly skeptical. When I asked her some other questions, she became rather hostile.

Declined her offer to come in and do an evaluation (which would have been on a Saturday or Sunday...why not during normal business hours?) Not worth your time...go elsewhere. All they do is lie and are good at it found out later the owner is a former ***

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Albany, New York, United States #914780

I can confirm this is a scam. I spent almost $900 on worthless photos that nicole insisted I had to get made me pay same day I went in told me she had a job that day, I was so *** and ashamed to tell anyone I was scammed.

I spoke to some friends in the business and they confirmed she has been scamming people in the Philadelphia area for over two years and moves from place to place to avoid getting shut down. Those success stories she claims she booked all lies those are pretty much made up or are people she does not represent directly it's all lies.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #877999

The Attorney general office is where all complaints from individuals who may have fallen victim to high pressure sales tactics and bait and switch modeling scams.

Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

16th Floor, Strawberry Square

Harrisburg, PA 17120



to ModelJustice Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #898453

Thank you for this information I gave this women $500 dollars for photos and got nothing out of this except false promises and none of my calls returned. If I could give them zero stars I would. Also they don't own that office it is sometype of shared office space people who worked there were just shaking their heads at us guess they knew we got ripped off.


Karol G., 09/28/2014Edit

I also submitted my daughter's info and was contacted by Nicole. Never mentioned anything about being required to user HER photography services until we showed up.

My daughter just had photos taken from a very reputable photographer about 2 months prior. It is NOT true that you cannot use another photographer's head shot. She assumed I knew nothing about the industry and told one lie after another. Definitely the most unprofessional person I have ever met.

Very rude when I said we were not interested and got up to leave. Said that's fine if my daughter just wanted to end up working at starbucks. (right in front of her). She then harassed me with text messages for about the next hour.

Don't waste your time.


How do these places stay open? I went in and she tried to tell me what a good mother she is and was flaunting her child and how she submitted the kids father to some casting that day.

Well sure enough I look up her website and my brother in law is a Philadelphia Police officer so he did some research and guess what, criminals I guess like having babies with each other.

Here is the link proving this place is one big cess pool of crime.



Is Metro Model Management calls you or Nicole don't walk away from this scam...run away as fast as you can. I made the mistake of bringing my daughter in and boy did the smoke get blown.

This women was so fast in grabbing my credit card and said my child was going to be in a Target ad. Well sure enough I call Target and you guessed it they never heard of Metro Model Management or Target. Was all a lie to a mother and child to steal our money.

This women has a surprise coming as I filed a complaint with the attorney general of PA.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #844227

similar experience.

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #812742

A new indictment unsealed on Thursday into a Philadelphia modeling agency run by a Nicole Carr AKA Nicole Carrasquillo that allegedly scammed parents out of money and children out of promises of stardom has revealed 52 victims, a new defendant and additional charges for those previously accused, prosecutors said.

According to the 54-count indictment, more than 100 people have filed complaints against the Philadelphia-based Model Talent Development and New Faces Development Center called Metro Model Management, its president and chief executive officer Nicole Carrasquillo and four others who prosecutors said helped repeatedly fraud clients out of thousands of dollars.

to HandofJustice #814970

How do I find out this information about indictment. I was looking into agency for my daughter.


This is the real owner of Metro Model Management Nicole Carrasquillo, she goes by the alias Nicole Carr, wonder why? Oh that's right she has been busted for DUI and drug possession 6 times in the last ten year's, parents keep your children away from this pill pusher and dream killer, she only wants your money!

We are a group of individuals that have formed to get this scam artist shut down and put in prison where she belongs!

to The Truth #815934

I am considering this agency. What proof do you have to support your allegations?

to ***cerned Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #893862

Well it seems metro model managememt site was taken offline obvious all those poor people who got suckered by this *** artist lost not only money but their belief in good in others. I am sure Nicole and her criminal *** artist minions will open under a new name

to cherryhillmommy New York, New York, United States #904546


If you look on the MMM site you can these both are represented by MMM. I am sure they will be deleted. This shows this industry is something no parent should get their children involved with.

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